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Assembler Cross Memory Services


4 hours


The z/OS Assembler course covers introductory concepts, Instructions, z/OS Architecture, etc. It instructs the student on programming using assembler language mnemonics, provides a machine code specific introduction to the z/OS architecture and covers number systems and program compilation / execution.


System or application programmers who code Assembler programs or maintain system related programs and user exits; this course reinforces good Assembler programming techniques and introduces more advanced techniques including cross memory services, access registers and data-in-virtual.


Completion of the Assembler Introduction, Assembler Instructions, Assembler Macros and Assembler Programming courses plus a sound knowledge of programming concepts, and experience with IBM z/OS architecture.


    After completing this course, the student will be able to identify:
  • Cross memory instructions and linkage
  • Cross memory clients and services
  • Access registers and Data in Virtual

Course Content

Cross Memory Addressing

Address Space Areas
Service Providers
Standard Program Calls

Cross Memory Service Routines

Functional PC Routines
Writing a Service Provider
Cross Memory User

Access Registers and Data-In-Virtual

Access Registers
Copy Access Instruction
Data in Virtual
Identify Service

Assembler Cross Memory Services Mastery Test

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