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Introduction to CONTROL-M for z/OS


3 hours


The Introduction to Control-M for z/OS course begins by describing the need for workload scheduling, introducing BMC Control-M for z/OS and describing its general function. It then looks at how this product is accessed using a traditional 3270 interface, as well as the Control-M EM GUI.


Personnel requiring background knowledge of Control-M for z/OS.


Knowledge of IBM hardware, software, terminology, and general z/OS job processing concepts.


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Describe how Control-M for z/OS processes jobs
  • Access and navigate Control-M for z/OS, using 3270 and GUI interfaces
  • Course Content

    Control-M for z/OS - Concepts

    Evolution of Batch Processing
    Today’s Batch Processing Needs
    The Role of Control-M for z/OS
    Control-M Key Users
    Control-M Functional Components
    Ordering and Forcing Concepts
    Complimentary Control-M Products

    Using Control-M for z/OS

    Accessing Control-M for z/OS Using the 3270 and GUI Interfaces
    Screen Formats
    Navigating the Control-M Product
    Control-M Options and General Functionality

    Introduction to Control-M for z/OS Mastery Test

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