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Mainview - Overview of the MainView Environment


1 hour


This course introduces you to the architecture common to MainView products, discussing the function of several address spaces, and the Next Generation Logger. Following this, the MainView 3270 interface is examined, looking at its structure and commands that can be used to manipulate the screen content. Details describing how historical data is accessed is also provided.


Personnel responsible for maintaining and managing the operational environment of MainView products.


General knowledge of IBM hardware, software, and terminology, and mainframe job processing concepts.


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Identify the Basic MainView Architecture Components
  • Navigate MainView through 3270 Emulation
  • Access Historical Data
  • Course Content

    MainView Architecture Overview and 3270 Screen Functionality

    Coordinating Address Space
    Product Address Space
    User Address Space
    Next Generation Logger
    Accessing MainView Using the 3270 Interface
    Selecting Screens
    Navigating the MainView Product
    Windows Structure
    Common MainView Commands
    Online Help
    Accessing Historical Data

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