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Data and Datafile Definitions in COBOL


4 hours


The COBOL Data and Datafile Definitions course explains how the COBOL programming language describes and defines data. It also shows how COBOL data definitions can be used to manipulate the way data is used. It explores display and computational formats, and the use of redefines to reference data in different ways.


Entry-level Programmers requiring an understanding of how COBOL handles data.


Completion of the COBOL Programming - Basics course, or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe how the COBOL programming language uses variables, tables, file formats and constants
  • Identify the purpose of the components of a COBOL program's Data Division
  • Describe how display and computational numeric formats are used within COBOL
  • Describe how a user-defined data type is created within COBOL

Course Content

Defining Data in a COBOL Program, Part 1

Literal and Variable Data
COBOL Numeric and Alphanumeric Types

Defining Data in a COBOL Program, Part 2

Structure of the Data Division
Definition of Elementary Data Items

Defining Data in a COBOL Program, Part 3

Display and Computational Numeric Types
Structures of Groups and Grouped Data Types

User Definition of Data Types

User Defined Data Types
The Redefines Clause

Data and Datafile Definitions in COBOL Mastery Test

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