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IBM i - CL Programming


7 hours


The CLP - Control Language Programming course introduces programming that uses the IBM i Control Language (CL). It explains how to use the variables utilized in a CL program and control its processing.


Programmers, system programmers, system operators, and other personnel requiring a basic knowledge of Control Language (CL) programming.


Knowledge of data processing and IBM i operations; knowledge of IBM i programming concepts w ould also be beneficial.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Define the concepts of Control Language programming
  • Identify the variables utilized in a Control Language program
  • Identify how to control the processing of a Con trol Language program
  • Recognize the methods to access other programs from a Control Language program
  • Identify how to pass information from one Control Language program to another

Course Content

Introduction to Control Language Programming (CLP)

Introducing Control Language
Control Language Commands
Command Syntax
Control Language Programs

CL Program Function and Structure

Control Language Program Functions
Control Language Program Structure
Using SEU to write a CL Program
Using CL Programs

CL Variables

CL Variables
Declaring a Variable
Naming Conventions
Changing the Value of a Variable

CL Program Control Processing

Introduction to Control Processing Commands
Program Flow
Controlling Program Flow
Logical Operators


Calling Programs from a CL Program
Transferring Control to Another Program
RETURN Command

Passing Parameters

Types of Parameters
Constants and Variables
Passing Parameters Between Programs
Compiling a CL Program

CLP - Control Language Programming Mastery Test

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