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IBM (z/OS) - Introduction to the IBM Enterprise Environment


4 hours


This course examines what a mainframe is, why it has survived and the IT personnel that need to interact with it. It then discusses the basic hardware, software and networking components and the methods used to access and process data on the mainframe.


This course is designed for any personnel that are required to have a broad understanding of the IBM mainframe environment.




After completing this course the student will be able to:

  • Apply mainframe technology concepts to their IT work activities
  • Identify mainframe software, hardware, and network components
  • Describe how to access and interact with the mainframe
  • Explain how mainframe data security and integrity is ensured
  • Describe how mainframe work is processed

Course Content

Today's Mainframe

What are today's mainframes?
Organizations using mainframes
Mainframe personnel
Technical Competencies
How are mainframes used?
Batch and online processing
z/OSMF Overview

Mainframe Configurations

Mainframe Operating Systems - z/OS, z/VM, z/VSE, Linux for zSeries and z/TPF
Mainframe middleware
Mainframe Processor types and purposes
Channel Subsystem
Network communication protocols used in the z/OS Communications Server

Mainframe Security and Data Access

Data sets
VTOCs and Catalogs
UNIX File Systems
Security fundamentals
Editing data under ISPF
z/OS UNIX Shell

Data Processing

Job Control Language
Job Scheduling Software
JES2 and JES3
Workload Management

IBM (z/OS) - Introduction to the IBM Enterprise Environment Mastery Test

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