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IMS 15 Introduction


5 hours


The IMS 15 Introduction course provides a broad overview of IMS describing its purpose, strengths and weaknesses, functional components, and processing concepts.


Suitable for anyone requiring an overview of IMS and its Transaction Management and Database components.




After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe what IMS is and how it is used
  • Identify IMS Transaction Manager and Database Manager Components
  • List Types of IMS Databases
  • Describe the Purpose of Control Regions and Support Regions

Course Content

IMS Fundamentals

What is IMS?
IMS Strengths and Weaknesses
IMS Components
IMS Online and Batch Programs
Communicating with IMS

Introducing IMS Transaction Processing

Purpose of the IMS Transaction Manager
IMS Transaction Manager Features
Handling of Transactions and Messages
Running Online and Batch Work

Introducing IMS Databases

Purpose of the IMS Database Manager
IMS Database Manager Features
IMS Database Hierarchical Structure
Types of IMS Databases

Introducing IMS System Components

IMS Control Regions
IMS Logging and Recovery
IMS Support Regions

Introduction to IMS Mastery Test

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