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JCL (z/OS) - Controlling Job and Step Processing


3 hours


While JCL is generally rigid in the way that it runs programs and related jobs, in recent years there have been several advancements in code that can be used to conditionally run steps, and schedule jobs. This course discusses the use of the traditional COND parameter to control step processing, and the use of the IF/THEN/ELSE/ENDIF construct as an alternative. New basic job scheduling capabilities are also discussed.


Operators and programmers who need to know how to code and submit JCL batch jobs.


Completion of Interskill's JCL Coding Basics for JOB, EXEC and DD Statements courses, or appropriate knowledge.


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Code the statements and parameters used to define a job group
  • Describe how COND parameters and IF/THEN/ELSE/ENDIF constructs are used to conditionally run job steps

Course Content

JCL Scheduling Capabilities

Standard job scheduling
New scheduling capabilities from JCL
Handling scheduling errors

Conditional JCL Processing

Need to run steps only in certain situations
Common Return Codes produced by Programs
COND Parameter use

JCL (z/OS) - Controlling Job and Step Processing Mastery Test

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