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JES3plus – JES3plus Fundamentals


3 hours


This course provides an introduction to the evolution of mainframe processing, which led to the development of the job entry subsystem, JES3plus. Key concepts about JES3plus and how it manages system resources and workflow are covered along with details on who needs to interact with JES3plus regularly.


Anyone interested in obtaining knowledge about fundamental JES3plus concepts.


Some basic z/OS and IBM Z hardware knowledge.


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Explain how JES3plus evolved
  • Explain Spooling
  • Identify who interacts with JES3plus
  • Identify JES3plus processing phases
  • Describe what JES3plus services are and how they work

Course Content

Introduction to JES3plus

Early Mainframe Processing
Introduction of SPOOL
Differences between JES2 and JES3
Job Processing
The Need for JES3plus

Working with JES3plus

Interacting with JES3plus
Job Processing Phases
Job Control Table
Job Scheduling
JES3plus Services

JES3plus Fundamentals Mastery Test

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