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Labs - COBOL (z/OS) – Working with COBOL Data


8 hours


The Labs – COBOL (z/OS) – Working with COBOL Data course provides a range of exercises that can be run in your organization’s mainframe training sandbox. Exercises in this course are more difficult than those from the Labs – Basic course, focusing on a range of arithmetic operations, calling programs and passing information between programs.


Programmers who need to use COBOL in a z/OS environment.


Completion of the Labs – COBOL (z/OS) – COBOL Basics course. Each Lab module below also contains its own list of prerequisites or equivalent knowledge, which is displayed when accessing the module.

    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Call external programs
  • Call a z/OS Language Environment callable service
  • Validate, manipulate, and display numbers
  • Process XML data
  • Pass parameters and data between programs

Course Content

Creating a Random Number

CURRENT-DATE and RANDOM Intrinsic Functions
CEERAN0 Language Environment Callable Service

Language Environment Callable Services

CEE3DLY Requirements for Dynamic Calls
CEE3DLY Requirements for Static Calls

Validating Numbers and Arithmetic

ACCEPT Statement
Using the UNSTRING Statement on Contiguous Data
NUMVAL Intrinsic Function
INSPECT Statement
COMPUTE Statement and Arithmetic Operations

Passing Data Between Programs

Calling a Program Within a Program
Passing Data to a Program
EVALUATE Statement
Creating XML Data and Passing it to a Program
XML PARSE Statement