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Protecting Data Sets Using RACF


3 hours


The “RACF - Protecting Data Sets Using RACF” course describes how RACF is used to define access to z/OS data sets. Information on the profiles used to provide this access is also discussed in detail.


Application programmers, systems programmers, database administrators, security administrators and anyone requiring knowledge about securing data sets using RACF on the z/OS platform.


Successful completion of the “RACF - Introduction” course or equivalent knowledge.


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Describe the difference between Generic and Discrete profiles and how they are used
  • Create and maintain Data Set profiles
  • Describe the levels of data set access that can be defined
  • Define data set access lists

Course Content

Defining Data Set Profiles

Protecting Data Sets on DASD and Tape
Defining Discrete and Generic Data Set Profiles
Rules When Defining Data Set Profiles
Commands Used to Create and Maintain Data Set Profiles
Listing Data Set Profile Contents
Searching for Data Set Profiles
Using the ISPF Interface to Manage Data Set Profiles

Controlling Access to Data Sets

Data Set Access Levels
Standard and Conditional Access Lists
Adding Users to Access Lists
Managing Access Lists
Using the ISPF Interface to Maintain Access Lists

Protecting Data Sets Using RACF Mastery Test

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