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ISPF (z/OS) - Maintaining Data in Files with the ISPF Editor


7 hours


The Maintaining Data in Files with the ISPF Editor course explains how the ISPF Editor is used to view, browse, and edit data within a data set.


Computer operators and trainee programmers or analysts who are required to create and modify data set content by using ISPF.




After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • View/Browse Data in Data Sets
  • Edit Data Sets
  • Identify and Use the Common Edit Line Commands
  • Identify and Use the Common View/Edit Primary Commands
  • Maintain Data in Data Sets

Course Content

The ISPF View and Edit Facilities

View Data Sets Using the ISPF View Facility
Enter the Edit Facility in ISPF and Navigate Through a Data Set
Use Edit Program Function Keys to Assist in Navigating an Edited Data Set

ISPF Edit Line Commands

Insert and Delete lines Within a Data Set
Copy, Move, and Repeat Lines in a Data Set
Shift Data Within a Line

ISPF Edit Primary Commands for Locating and Changing Data

Use Simple Find and Change Commands and String Patterns
Use Label, Line, and Column Limiters to Control the Scope of Find and Change Commands
Use Excluded Lines to Assist in the Management of Data Being Edited

ISPF Edit Primary Commands for Managing Internal and External Data

Use the UNDO Facility of ISPF Edit
Pass Data To and From External Data Sets
Save, Cancel, and End an Edit Session

The ISPF Edit Tabbing Facility

Define and Use Software Tabbing
Define and Use Hardware Tabbing
Define and Use Logical Tabbing

ISPF Edit Boundaries, Masks, and Profiles

Define and Use Edit Boundaries and Masks
Display and Alter Edit Profiles
Define Data Highlighting Defaults

ISPF (z/OS) - Maintaining Data in Files with the ISPF Editor Mastery Test

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