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CICS TS - Introduction


4 hours


The CICS Transaction Server Series provides an overview of the CICS Transaction Server from the operator’s and programmer’s perspectives before branching into the following separate streams:


The majority of modules in this course are designed for operations personnel who perform a role in monitoring a CICS system, but some modules are suitable for IT personnel seeking an overview of the CICS Transaction Server.


Completion of the Interskill Introduction to the IBM Enterprise Environment course, or equivalent knowledge.


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • What CICS is and how it is used to process work
  • Their role in working with CICS
  • How to communicate with CICS
  • The different CICS components

Course Content

CICS TS and Transaction Processing Concepts

Function of the CICS Transaction Server
Cloud Enabled CICS
Personnel who Interact with CICS
Transaction Deadlock

CICS Structure and Intercommunication

CICS Applications
Extended Recovery Facility
Multiregion Operation
Intersystem Communication
CICS Transaction Gateway

CICS Data Sets

CICS Use of Dump Data Sets
Trace Data Sets
CICS Catalogs
System Log
Temporary Storage
Transient Data Sets

CICS TS - Introduction Mastery Test

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