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JCL Curriculum

Course Title Duration Description
These courses are available for z/OS version 2.2 and 2.1.
JCL (z/OS) - Introduction to z/OS JCL
3 The JCL (z/OS) - Introduction to z/OS JCL course describes the purpose of Job Control Language (JCL) in a z/OS environment and describes the three most commonly used JCL statements: JOB, EXEC and DD. Details of common parameters associated with these statements, along with examples on how they are used, are also provided.
JCL (z/OS) - Using Special Data Sets in Batch Jobs
5 The JCL (z/OS) - Using Special Data Sets in Batch Jobs course examines how special data sets, such as generation data groups, tape data sets, and temporary data sets are referenced using JCL. It also describes how data sets can be concatenated in JCL and some of the reserved DD statement names and their uses.
JCL (z/OS) - Identifying and Resolving Batch Problems in JCL
3 The JCL (z/OS) - Identifying and Resolving Batch Problems course examines the use of the COND parameter and the IF/THEN/ELSE JCL statement construct, showing how they can be used to control the flow of steps throughout a job. A list and description of common condition codes and abends is provided along with their causes and possible resolution.
JCL (z/OS) - Coding Procedures and JES2 Control Statements
4 The JCL (z/OS) - Coding Procedures and JES2 Control Statement course demonstrates how to create JCL procedures. It also covers the use of override statements and symbolic substitution of values within a procedure. It examines how parameter values can be passed, and how backward references can be used between steps. Finally, it describes the use of the JES control statement in determining the environment that a job should run under, and the OUTPUT statement and its role in determining where output should be sent for printing.
JCL(z/OS) – Advanced
1 This course contains many JCL-related tips, tricks, techniques, and best-practice items that you may find useful in your day-to-day activities. It covers a number of new areas of functionality associated with z/OS 2.2 and z/OS 2.3, and provides details on statements and parameters that have evolved over the last few years.
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