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Course Title Duration Description
CLISTS Introduction 6 The CLISTS Introduction course introduces the Command LIST (CLIST) interpreted language for the z/OS environment. It examines the commands and statements used by the CLIST language. It also shows how it can be used in conjunction with TSO commands and facilities to assist the general operations of z/OS.
FOCUS 6 This course is intended for those looking to learn FOCUS for the purposes of data and report construction and maintenance. Before commencing this course you should have a good understanding of basic programming and database principles.
HSM Overview 3 This course is intended for Operators who will be responsible for monitoring/controlling HSM and programmers who will use HSM. Before commencing this course you will need a good knowledge of MVS and TSO/ISPF.
Parallel Sysplex 3 The Parallel Sysplex course introduces the concepts of a z/OS Parallel Sysplex. It explores the different types of system configurations and the technical terms used to describe them. It also describes the basic steps and conditions required to set up a Parallel Sysplex environment.
Virtual Tape Server (VTS)
3 The Virtual Tape Server (VTS) course introduces the student to the concepts, functions, and capabilities of a VTS and explains how a VTS operates. Information describing the VTS hardware and software components is provided including the commands used to monitor and maintain a VTS in the z/OS operating environment.
System Managed Storage (SMS) 4 The System Managed Storage (SMS) course describes SMS and its uses. It provides examples of four SMS constructs and the four SMS routines. It also examines the ISMF panels for general SMS functions, the management of space and data availability, and the new JCL and IDCAMS keywords for SMS.
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