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VSE Curriculum

Course Title Duration Description
Introduction to VSE 4 The Introduction to VSE course introduces the concepts and components of VSE. It describes the concept and use of virtual storage and power, different file structures, access methods, library organization, and VSE utilities.
JCL - Basic VSE Job Control 4 The JCL - Basic VSE Job Control course introduces the three basic job statements. It also describes the order of the JCL and its relevance to the job control program.
JCL - Advanced VSE Job Control 5 The JCL - Advanced VSE Job Control course explains advanced JCL techniques. It describes coding a job stream, complex DLBL statements, conditional JCL, and the LIBDEF and LIBDROP statements.
JECL Statements 2 The JECL Statements course explains how to recognise VSE JECL statements as distinct from JCL. It describes how to code and use these statements and their parameters.
CICS for VSE Operators 3 The CICS for VSE Operators course explains CICS concepts and facilities from startup procedures to an orderly shutdown. It also describes CICS commands and display messages.
COBOL for VSE 2 The COBOL for VSE course examines the non-standard implementations of COBOL in the VSE environment. Designed for learners with previous experience in using generic COBOL, it describes compiling, file access, and how to access VSE subsystems such as CICS and Db2.
POWER I for VSE 3 The Power I course explains how to use Power commands to manage the VSE system. It describes the commands to display job elements, start, hold, and cancel Power jobs.
POWER II for VSE 3 The Power II course explains how to manipulate the Power Queues for more efficient operating. It describes some of the less used but powerful Power commands.
REXX Programming I for VSE 4 The REXX Programming I for VSE course introduces the REXX programming language and explains how to run it in the VSE environment. It also describes the major elements of the language, its keywords and functions.
REXX Programming II for VSE 2 The REXX Programming II for VSE course explains how to produce a structured REXX program and execute it in the VSE environment.
VM Concepts and Facilities 8 The VM Concepts and Facilities course introduces the concepts of the virtual machine and explains the VM operating system. It also describes the VM/CMS commands and facilities required to operate or program in the VM environment.
VM/ESA Overview for VSE 2 The VM/ESA Overview course provides an overview of the ESA update of VM. This includes the requirements to IPL and running guest operating systems.
VSE Operations I 3 The VSE Operations I course explains message structure and how to monitor the System Log. It also lists the basic operating commands.
VSE Operations II 4 The VSE Operations II course explains the more advanced operating commands, including Supervisor Program commands and VAE.
VSE Utilities 4 The VSE Utilities course describes the main utilities that are required to display resources of a VSE system. It explains their function and how they are used.
VTAM for VSE Operators 8 The VTAM for VSE Operators course explores VTAM concepts and the IBM network structure. It also explains the VTAM commands to manipulate and manage a VSE VTAM Network.
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