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IBM i Security Implementation


4 hours


This course focuses on the security-related tasks undertaken by the IBM i System Administrator. As well as discussing how overall security requirements are identified, it also delves deeper to describe how IBM i system security relating to user, system and resource components are created and managed. An overview of IBM i system auditing requirements, implementation and reporting is also provided.


IBM i System Administrators or those needing to perform administrator tasks.


Successful completion of the” IBM i System Administration Fundamentals” course or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Identify security system values
  • Create and manage user profiles
  • Manage authorization
  • Implement security measures

Course Content

System Values and User Profiles

Security System Values
Creating a User Profile
Managing User Profiles

Authority Management

Controlling Authority
Authority Algorithm
Resolving Security Problems

Security Auditing

Implementing Security Auditing
Security Reporting
Managing Security Auditing Receivers
Scheduling Regular Security Audit Reports
Restrict Access to Server Applications

Security Implementation Mastery Test

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