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IMS Database Manager


5 hours


The IMS Database Manager course covers in detail how data is stored within an IMS database and describes how it is referenced and accessed. IMS backup and recovery strategies are discussed as well as the use of maintenance utilities used in day-to-day operations.


This course is suitable for systems programmers, DBAs, operations staff, and application programmers.


Successful completion of the 'Introducing IMS' course or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe how data is stored and accessed in an IMS database
  • Explain IMS database backup and recovery strategies
  • Identify the scenarios requiring IMS Database reorganization

Course Content

IMS Database Concepts

IMS Database Structure
Segments and Fields
Parent and Child Segments
Database Paths and Views
How Programs Access IMS Data

Accessing IMS Databases

Online and Batch Access
PCBs, PSBs and ACBs
Sync Point Backup and Recovery
Access from External Applications
Using REXX to Access IMS
Online IMS Data Editors

IMS Database Administration

IMS Database Design and Implementation Steps
IMS Database Backup Strategies
IMS Database Recovery
IMS Database Reorganization
IMS Monitors

IMS Database Manager Mastery Test

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