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Introduction to iSeries Programming Facilities


5 hours


The Introduction to iSeries Programming Facilities course introduces the utilities that are provided by the iSeries in addition to PDM to help programmers develop test data, create screen views, and maintain their source files.


Personnel requiring basic and more advanced knowledge of the iSeries programming environment, and personnel with programming experience who are new to the iSeries programming environment in a Green-Screen Environment


Knowledge of programming concepts and the iSeries operating system


    After completing this course, the student will be able to identify:
  • How to use Source Entry Utility (SEU)
  • How to use Data File Utility (DFU)
  • How to use Screen Design Aid (SDA)

Course Content

Introduction to Source Entry Utility (SEU)

Introduction to the Source Entry Utility (SEU)
SEU Commands
Option Displays
Special Features of the SEU
Additional Options to Control the SEU Environment

Using Source Entry Utility (SEU)

Starting an SEU Session
Creating New Members
Editing the Members
Creating a Physical File

Introduction to Data File Utility (DFU)

Introduction to DFU
Creating a Program Using DFU (Interactive Session)
Run a DFU Program

Creating Files Using the Data File Utility (DFU)

Sign Onto iSeries and Start DFU
Create a File By Using a DFU Program
Enter Records Into Your File and Exit DFU

Introduction to Screen Design Aid (SDA)

Introducing and Using SDA: An Overview
Relationships and Creating Displays in SDA
SDA and Database Files
Using SDA and the Source Entry Utility (SEU)

Creating Program Screens Using Screen Design Aid (SDA)

An Overview of the Two Program Screens
Creating the First Program Screen
Creating the Second Program Screen

Introduction to iSeries Programming Facilities Mastery Test

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