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iSeries Operations Series - AS/400 Operations


4 hours


The AS/400 Operations course explains how to issue iSeries Control Language (CL) commands which will monitor and control work on the system.


Personnel requiring training in iSeries operations


Basic knowledge of computer concepts


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • recognise keyboard and input keys
  • Identify how to sign on and access options through commands and menus
  • recognise iSeries Navigator functions
  • recognise Message Types, Delivery Modes, Message Queues, and send, access, and delete messages
  • recognise CL commands
  • Identify how to monitor and control work on the system

Course Content

Workstation Operations

Screen Format
Position and Function of Keys on the Keyboard
System Sign-on Procedure
Accessing OS/400 Options – Menus and Commands
Display Types – List, Information, Menu, and Entry

Message Handling

Defining Messages and Message Queues
Sending Messages
Message Delivery Modes – Break, Notify, and Hold
Message Types – Inquiry and Informational
Accessing Messages
Deleting Messages

Monitoring Jobs

Jobs and Job Descriptions
Interactive Jobs
Batch Jobs and Queues

Batch and Spool Files

Managing Batch Jobs
Viewing Spool files

Work Management

View and Control Jobs
Monitor and Control Printing

AS/400 Operations Mastery Test

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