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Query for Users


10 hours


The Query For Users course describes the Query/400, the report writer that comes with the iSeries. It explains how the Query/400 can help users and programmers create simple reports without having to programmatically develop them. It also shows how to access information stored in Db2/400 tables.


Personnel requiring an intermediate knowledge about creating reports with the Query facility


Knowledge of iSeries concepts


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Define the concepts of Query/400
  • Identify how to define iSeries files
  • Define Database file concepts
  • Identify the files to use in Query/400
  • Identify how to join files in a Query report
  • Identify how to create a basic Query report

Course Content

What is Query?

Report Formats
Query Definitions

Database Concepts

Physical Files
Logical Files
Records, Fields
Primary Key

How Files are Defined to the System

Data Description Specifications
Record Format Name
Field Name, Length, and Type

Description of the Example Database

An Example Database (Order Entry System) Includes:

  • Physical Files
  • Customer Master Files
  • Product Master Files
  • Customer Order Files
  • Employee File

Joining Files

Join Operation
Primary File
Secondary File

Creating a Query Part 1

Introduction to the Use of Query
Signing on to Query
Simulation of Using Query

Creating a Query Part 2

Introduction to the Use of Query
Signing on to Query
Simulation of Using Query

Viewing a Query from a Spool File

Work with Query Spooled Files

Creating Advanced Queries

Construction of a Query to Produce a List of Company Products
Define the Query
Define Result Fields
Select and Sequence Fields
Select Sort Fields
Specify Report Column Heading
Select Report Summary Functions
Define Report Breaks
Format Report Breaks
Select Output Type and Output Form

Managing Queries

Work with Queries Screens
Creating a Query
Changing an Existing Query
Copying an Existing Query
Deleting a Query
Displaying a Query
Printing a Query Definition
Five Methods of Running a Query
Working with Multiple Queries at the Same Time

Using the Data File Utility with Queries

Data File Utility
Add, Change, Delete Records in a Database
Data Description Source

Tips on Using Queries

Creating a Query Report Program

Construction of a Query to Produce a Report From a Customer Master File

Query for Users Mastery Test

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