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RPG/400 Workstation Programming


9 hours


The RPG/400 Workstation Programming course shows how to design and develop screen layouts. It also describes how to write an RPG program that can display information on the screen for a user to maintain.


Personnel requiring knowledge of RPG Interactive Programming in a Green-Screen Environment


Knowledge of data processing, programming concepts, and the iSeries operating system


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Define the concepts and programming requirements of Display Device Files
  • Identify how to code a simple interactive RPG program
  • Identify how to create an RPG program

Course Content

RPG Interactive Programming – Display Files

Review Display Files
Data Definition Specifications for Display Files

RPG Interactive Programming – Display and Read

“Hello World” Program
Screen Layout
Reading the Screen

RPG Interactive Programming – Multiple Screens

DDS Coding for Multiple Screens
Coding a Maintenance Program

RPG Interactive Programming – Subroutines

Database File Access for Input, Update and Delete

RPG Interactive Programming – Adding a Database Record

Executing the Routines (Writing to the Screen and User Input)
Writing the Record to the File
Avoiding a Program Bug

RPG Interactive Programming – Updating and Deleting Database Records

Control and File Logic Associated with Updating and Deleting a Database Record
Detail the End of Run Processes When the LR Indicator Is ON

RPG Interactive Programming Mastery Test

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