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JCL (z/OS) – Identifying and Resolving Batch Problems in JCL


3 hours


The JCL (z/OS) - Identifying and Resolving Batch Problems course examines the use of the COND parameter and the IF/THEN/ELSE JCL statement construct, showing how they can be used to control the flow of steps throughout a job. A list and description of common condition codes and abends is provided along with their causes and possible resolution.


Operators, application programmers, and system programmers who are required to solve JCL problems


Completion of the Introduction to z/OS JCL course or knowledge of JCL basics


    After completing this course, the student will be able to identify how Job Control Statements are used to:
  • Control batch processing through conditional checking
  • Determine when a batch program has abnormally ended
  • Resolve various types of batch problems

Course Content

Using Conditional JCL

Controlling Return Codes
Using the COND Parameter
Working with the IF/ THEN/ ELSE/ ENDIF Statement Construct

Using Advanced Conditional JCL Logic

Using Advanced Conditional JCL Logic

Handling Errors and Abends

Setting Limits for Jobs
Common Abend Types and Problem Determination Methods

JCL (z/OS) - Using JCL Statements to Identify and Resolve Batch Problems Mastery Test

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