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Introduction to VSE


4 hours


The Introduction to VSE course introduces the concepts and components of VSE. It describes the concept and use of virtual storage and power, different file structures, access methods, library organization, and VSE utilities.


Personnel requiring training in basic VSE Operations or knowledge of the VSE system


Basic knowledge of data processing concepts


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Define the concepts of an operating system
  • recognise the components of a VSE system
  • Define virtual storage and power
  • Identify VSE utilities

Course Content

Introduction to VSE

Introduction to Operating Systems
History of DOS, DOS/VSE and VSE/ESA
Partitions and Address Spaces
Task Selection

Introduction to Storage, Paging, and Power

Virtual Storage and Paging
Program Modes - Real and Virtual
VSE/POWER - Spooling, Job Scheduling

Introduction to Libraries and Access Methods

Libraries, Sub-Libraries, and Members
System and Private Libraries
File Organization:

  • Sequential
  • Indexed Sequential
  • Direct Organization

Access Methods

  • SAM
  • DAM
  • VSAM

Overview of VSE Utilities and Subsystems

Sort/ Merge
VSE Librarian

Introduction to JCL

What Is JCL and Why Is It Used?
Format of JCL Statements

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