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REXX Programming I for VSE


4 hours


The REXX Programming I for VSE course introduces the REXX programming language and explains how to run it in the VSE environment. It also describes the major elements of the language, its keywords and functions.


Personnel requiring an introduction to REXX and knowledge of the fundamentals of programming in REXX


Basic knowledge of data processing concepts and some basic programming skills


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Define the concepts of the REXX language
  • recognise the major elements of a REXX program
  • recognise the basic REXX commands
  • recognise the REXX Function commands

Course Content

Introduction – Description of the REXX Language

Overview of the REXX Language

Introduction – A Look at REXX EXEC

The EXEC Command

Major Elements of the REXX Language

Character Strings
Arithmetic Operators
HEX Strings
REXX Symbols
Comparison Operators
REXX Expressions
Special Characters
REXX Numbers
Compound Symbols
Stem Variables

Basic REXX Keywords, Part 1

Say and Exit
If/ Then/ Else and NOP

Basic REXX Keywords, Part 2

Do/ End
Iterate and Leave

REXX Arithmetic and Character Functions

ABS, Random, Format, Sign, Max, Trunk, Min, Length
Index, Pos, LastPos, Substr, Delstr, Insert

REXX Word Based and Formatting Functions

Wordlength, Wordindex, Subword, Find, Words, Delword Wordpos, Word, Copies, Left, Right, Centre, Justify, Space Strip, Overlay, Reverse

Advanced REXX Keywords

Select, Procedure, Drop, Queue, Otherwise, Return, Pull Address, Call, Arg, Push, Address, Inspec, etc.

The EXECIO Function

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