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Identifying z/OS System Problems


5 hours


The Identifying z/OS System Problems course explores some of the processes, commands, and tools that are used in identifying system problems. It describes how common system problems are recognised, and the steps that can be taken to assist with problem resolution, including dumps and analyzing the catalogue address space.


Senior operators and technical support personnel who require knowledge to identify z/OS system problems


Completion of the IBM training - Monitoring the System and z/OS Architecture course


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Identify the nature of a system problem
  • Obtain storage dumps to aid in problem analysis
  • Analyze and resolve simple catalogue related problems

Course Content

Categorizing Problems

z/OS Recovery Facilities
Identifying Waits and Hangs
Identifying Loops
Using Runtime Diagnostics *

Working With the Catalogue Address Space

Catalogue Components *
Identifying and Resolving Catalogue Contention *
Report Commands Used for Analyzing Catalogue Performance *

Preparing for Dumps

Dumping Facilities
Working with Dump Data Sets
Understanding Dump Options
Understanding Dump Parameters

Obtaining SVC Dumps for Problem Analysis

Invoking an SVC Dump
Handling Partial Dumps

Identifying z/OS System Problems Mastery Test

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