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Performance Monitoring


12 hours


The Performance Monitoring Basics course describes the processes required to identify situations where total system performance is degraded. It also examines the use of RMF and OMEGAMON to identify and resolve individual problem conditions and identify where performance can be improved.


System programmers and operations and performance analysts requiring knowledge of MVS; this material addresses performance and capacity planning issues and can be instrumental in evaluating service level agreements, batch windows, online response times, and other system throughout indicators.


Knowledge of the MVS operating system and TSO/ISPF


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Identify situations where total system performance is degraded
  • recognise how RMF and OMEGAMON are utilised

Course Content

Introduction to Performance Management

Basic Work Units
System Degradation Versus Individual Task Degradation
The Role of Various Performance Monitors
Performance Monitor Components

Enqueues and Reserves

Enqueue and Dequeue Processing

  • Enqueue and Reserves
  • Enqueue Serialization Scope
  • Reserve and Release
  • Common Enqueue Types
  • GRS Commands
  • IEF099I Processing
  • GRS Processing
  • Common Enqueue and Reserves

Work Load Manager

Workload Manager vs. IPS/ICS Setup
Goal Types

  • Response Time Goal
  • Average Response Time Goal
  • Percentile Response Time Goal
  • Discretionary Goal
  • Velocity Goal
  • System Goal
  • Importance
  • Performance Index (PI)

SRM - System Resource Manager

System Resource Allocation
Performance Group Versus Domain
Performance Group Selection
Sample PGN Selection
Multi-programming Level
Operator Controls

DASD, Part 1

DASD Subsystem
I/O Flow
Interpreting RMF DEV Display

DASD, Part 2

Missing Interrupt Handler

DASD, Part 3

DASD Physical Layout
DASD Performance Aids

  • Caching
  • DASD Fast Write
  • NVS
  • Cache Fast Write
  • Dual Copy

RAID Systems

Storage – PART 1

Introduction to Basic Storage Principles
Storage Types
Storage Hierarchy
Swapping and Paging
Monitoring the Movement of Storage
Interpreting Paging Displays

Storage – PART 2

Virtual Storage
Virtual Storage Areas
Storage Problems

  • Swap-Out Reasons
  • Storage Shortages

Methods of Improving Service

HYPER Volumes
High Performance Tape Systems

Performance Monitor Samples


  • RMF III Commands and Displays
  • RMF II Commands and Displays
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