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IBM's Digital Credential Program & Interskill

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The IBM Digital Badge Program offers a recognized, respected and valued benchmark for Z Mainframe Knowledge and Skills in the global Mainframe Computing Industry! IBM recognizes Interskill’s mainframe training pedigree & offers over 50 Industry recognized, Z Mainframe Credentials for Interskill course curricula completions.

Earn These IBM Credentials by Completing Interskill Courses

Digital credentials have revolutionized the way the technical community assesses and promotes skills and achievements. The IBM Digital Badge Program is at the leading edge of this badging revolution and has developed these benchmark credentials for mainframe computing professionals at all levels to learn, invest, and promote their expertise in the global mainframe computing arena. Make sure your Organization’s mainframe workforce isn’t left behind!

IBM Mainframe Application Programmer

Programming Tools
IBM Explorer for z/OS
Assembler Programming - Experienced IBM
Assembler Programming - Expert IBM
CICS v5.3 Programming - Experienced IBM
CICS v5.3 Programming - Expert IBM
COBOL Programming - Experienced IBM
COBOL and IBM Enterprise COBOL for z/OS Programming IBM
Db2 V12 SQL Coding IBM
Db2 V12 Programming - Experienced IBM
IMS 15 Programming - Experienced IBM
PL/1 Programming - Expert IBM
IBM Development Environment - Fundamentals 2.4 IBM
Java on z/OS - Experienced IBM
Java for COBOL Programmers - Fundamentals IBM
Java for COBOL Programmers - Experienced IBM
z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition - Experienced IBM

IBM Mainframe Operator

CICS v5.3 Operations IBM
Db2 V12 Operations IBM
IMS 15 Operations - Experienced IBM
JES2 - Experienced 2.4 IBM
IBM Z Workload Scheduler
Operations Expert
Managing the z/VM Environment IBM
IBM Z System Automation
Operations - Experienced

IBM Mainframe Specialist

File Transfers – Foundations IBM
Job Control Language - Experienced 2.4 IBM
Job Control Language - Expert 2.4 IBM
Linux Operations and Programming - Experienced IBM
Mainframe Business Operations IBM
Network Communications – Foundations 2.4 IBM
Network Communications – Experienced 2.4 IBM
Network Communications – Expert 2.3 IBM
REXX Programming - Experienced IBM
z/OS UNIX System Services - Experienced IBM
IBM Z Workload Scheduler
Scheduling Expert
z/OS Experienced 2.4 IBM
z/OS Expert 2.4 IBM
z/OS Foundations 2.4 IBM
SDSF Experienced 2.4 IBM
SDSF Expert 2.4 IBM
TSO and ISPF Expert 2.4 IBM
IBM Mainframe Environment - Fundamentals 2.4 IBM
z/OS Batch Utilities - Experienced 2.4 IBM
General z/OS Utilities - Expert 2.4 IBM
VSAM IDCAMS Utility - Expert 2.4 IBM
z/OS Management Facility - Experienced IBM
SMP/E - Fundamentals IBM
IBM MQ - Operations and Administration - Expert IBM
IBM Z System Automation
Administrator - Experienced
Parallel Sysplex - Foundations 2.4 IBM
IBM Z Enterprise System Hardware - Experienced  IBM
Cloud Fundamentals IBM

Mainframe Systems Programmer

IMS 15 - Experienced IBM
Programming Tools IBM
JES2 Expert 2.4 IBM
Systems Programming - Fundamentals 2.4 IBM
Mainframe Performance - Fundamentals IBM
Mainframe Performance - Experienced IBM

Mainframe Security

Mainframe Security – RACF – Foundations 2.4 IBM
Mainframe Systems Auditor – RACF – Experienced 2.4 IBM
Mainframe Security - RACF - Expert 2.4 IBM

Mainframe Storage

Data Management Using DFSMS 2.4 IBM
Disk and Tape Storage Foundations 2.4 IBM
Managing and Maintaining Disk, Tape and Network Storage 2.4 IBM

IBM i V7.4

CL Programming V7.4 - Experienced IBM
Db2 for IBM i V7.4 - Experienced IBM
IBM Query for i V7.4 - Experienced IBM
RPG/400 Programming V7.4 - Experienced IBM
IBM i V7.4 Operator - Experienced IBM
IBM i V7.4 - Journal Management - Experienced IBM
IBM i V7.4 - LPAR and Virtualization Management - Experienced IBM
IBM i V7.4 - Security - Experienced IBM
IBM i V7.4 - Storage Management - Experienced IBM


AIX Systems Administrator – Fundamentals IBM
AIX Systems Administrator – Fundamentals for UNIX Specialists IBM
AIX Systems Administrator – Experienced IBM

Key Technologies & Professional Development

Zowe Fundamentals IBM
Coaching and Mentoring for Technical Specialists IBM


z/VSE Infrastructure and System Operation IBM

Interskill Learning Badges

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