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Internet Explorer Compatibility

When using Internet Explorer 9, 10 or 11 on the LMS and if you are having trouble using the navigation menus, please follow some of the tips below.

  • Perform the Interskill Browser test to check your version of Internet Explorer.
  • Your browser must support an Adobe Flash Plugin and have the Flash Plugin Enabled on the browser.
  • The most current version of the Java client plugin for your browser must be present for most courses.
  • Java Script must be enabled on your browser.
  • Turn off your browser's pop-up blocker.
  • If having trouble viewing/launching courses/pages, we recommend toggling your browser's compatibility mode setting. See below for instructions.
  • If your company network uses a proxy server or other type of web/URL security filters, please add our website to your whitelist so it is not filtered.

There are two methods to toggle the compatibility mode setting in IE10/11.

Method 1:

Click on the small broken paper icon(see image). Make sure you toggle the setting while you are on the training site. The site URLs are (,,,,, or We recommend you close and reopen your browser after you have completed this.

Method 2:

Confirm that you have added the training site that you are accessing to your browser's compatibility mode list. The site URLs are (,, or In IE10/11, go to TOOLS – COMPATIBILITY VIEW SETTINGS(see sample images below) and add the URL you are using to the list. We recommend you close and reopen your browser after you have completed this.