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POWER Series

Learning Plan Name Duration Description
IBM i Operator

The computer operator's role is to provide first-level support for any problems associated with IBM i system activity. It is common for this person to perform the following tasks:

  • Powering the IBM i system up and down
  • Monitoring the IBM i system for any error messages and responding to simple requests
  • Monitoring the processing of IBM i operational jobs and resolving basic problems
  • Identifying and resolving general network problems
  • Responding to tape or cartridge requests and performing recovery action if required
IBM i Application Programmer

The IBM i application programmer is responsible for creating and maintaining user systems and supporting system changes. They are responsible for performing the following types of tasks:

  • Designing, coding, testing and documenting new programs
  • Analyzing and resolving coding problems
  • Developing specifications for program enhancements
IBM i Systems Programmer

The IBM i Systems Programmer is responsible for establishing and maintaining the IBM i software system and performs the following tasks:

  • Managing the installation, configuration, maintenance, customisation and tuning of the IBM i operating system
  • Identifying, analysing and rectifying problems associated with IBM i system software
AIX Administrator

The AIX administrator is responsible for providing technical support and monitoring of IBM pSeries servers running the AIX operating system The duties of this position are:

  • Installing and configuring AIX operating system software
  • Performing major system software upgrades
  • Undertaking AIX system administration tasks and performance tuning