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Production Support

Learning Plan Name Duration Description
Tape Librarian z/OS

The tape librarian is responsible for technical activities associated with the maintenance and operation of the automated tape system and media. The duties of this position are:

  • Managing the tape or cartridge offsite and onsite storage requirements
  • Ensuring that correct data and backup information is stored for disaster recovery purposes
  • Processing requests initiated by the tape management system
  • Processing new tapes or cartridges for induction to the system
  • Operating the tape management systemIntroduction
Production Scheduler z/OS

The production scheduler is responsible for ensuring production batch processing deadlines and schedules are met. Typical duties associated with this position are:

  • Scheduling of production batch jobs
  • Defining new production batch schedules and maintaining existing ones
  • Analysing and resolving problems associated with batch jobs and job output
  • Defining restart requirements for batch jobs
Senior Production Scheduler z/OS

The senior production scheduler supervises production scheduling activities and is responsible for:

  • Resolving complex processing schedules
  • Resolving more difficult problems associated with batch jobs and job output
  • Reviewing and evaluating production job software for organizational requirements