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Bespoke e-Learning Courseware

Sometimes an off-the-shelf product just doesn't suit your needs. You may have immediate training requirements and performance targets which need to be meet or a unique training need which fails to be addressed by our extensive range of catalogue courseware. In these instances we can augment your off-the-shelf catalogue titles with a bespoke ('customised') solution, specifically built to meet your training needs.

Whether you're looking to develop courseware spanning employee inductions, health and safety, company processes, compliance training, technical training or an application specific to your workplace, we can assist in developing a bespoke training programme to address it. Our team of experienced instructional designers, skilled developers and global company structure (with offices in the UK, America and Australia) mean that we can pursue a follow-the-sun work approach. Changes can be implemented overnight and quality, complete courseware can be developed within a matter of weeks.

The Interskill Development Experience

Our bespoke courseware solutions are specifically created for your organisation's training needs and offer you: